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A drag racer that has a somewhat similar body shape to a street car. (as opposed to Top Fuel dragsters, which have no resemblance to street cars at all). Funny cars are extremely fast; they are a very close second to Top Fuel dragsters. Although rare, the fastest funny car can be faster than the fastest top fuel. Championship funny cars can run the 1/4 mile in under 5 seconds at over 300 mph.

Professional nitromethane funny cars usually have a 502 cid V-8 engine that produces around 6,000 horsepower. This extremely high horsepower rating is achieved by running insane boost levels on their superchargers (around 45 psi!), and by using nitromethane instead of gasoline.

Alcohol funny cars are the same, except that they run on methanol instead of nitromethane. They are somewhat slower, running the quarter mile in under six seconds at more than 260 mph.

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