The gas spore is a highly deadly fungus that may be encountered in a fantasy role-playing game.

The gas spore is a sperical fungi growth (that is filled with lighter than air gas), and floats several feet above the ground. The gas spore looks almost identical to the much more deadly monster known as the beholder. It is only at very close range that you can tell the difference between them.

The gas spore is one of those creatures that dies as part of its reproductive cycle. When a gas spore is attacked (and they always end up getting attacked because of their similarity in appearance to the deadly beholder), it explodes, killing most normal creatures in the area instantly. The bodies from the attack will become host to newborn gas spores that will grow to maturity in under a day. This even happens to people who survive the explosion. Only an extremely powerful priest (or highly skilled doctor), can save someone who has been exposed to a gas spore explosion. The treatment must be received within a matter of hours after the attack for it to have any effect.

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