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Favorite piece of graffiti at my favorite place to drink.

God sends beer, the Devil sends more beer rests right above your plane of vision if you stare straight ahead while despositing the liquid remains of your last few beers into the thirsty urinal. Fortunately, after a few beers, your plane of vision tends to shift upward ever so slightly until God sends beer, the Devil sends more beer tends to float (or maybe hover) directly in your path. It begins to hum with truth.

The real question you have to ask yourself is: when did you cross that line? Did God give me the first two? the first six? the first ten? How generous is that guy up there anyway?

...That guy below, as we all know, is very generous indeed.

Anyway, after your third trip to the potty, if you're anything like me, God sends beer, the Devil sends more beer has become something of a mantra. You return to your table, cast a quick glance around and say in a solemn voice: God sends beer, the Devil sends more beer.

All the men at the table nod in understanding.

Sometimes a ponderous discussion will commence on the nature of quantities and excess.

But... drunken philosophy is at best a tricky subject.

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