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The slogan for Maxwell House brand coffee, and a permanent slice of American Pop culture.

The slogan itself is actually related to Theodore Roosevelt, who was known for having a unquenchable thirst for coffee. Roosevelt was prone to asthma attacks when he was a child. His doctor recommended small doses of coffee to arrest these attacks, which started Roosevelt on a habit that grew over time into a legendary appetite. His coffee mugs were said to more closely resemble vats than cups.

In 1907 coffee merchant Joel Clark sought to take advantage of of this prodigious thirst. Clark had set up a booth to display his wares at a county fair to which Roosevelt was paying a visit. When Roosevelt walked by his booth, Clark thrust a cup of his coffee at him—a cup the president promptly drained in a gulp. Setting down the empty cup, Roosevelt turned to the people around him and declared the coffee "good to the last drop," thus giving Clark and his brand of coffee—Maxwell House—a slogan that lives to this day.

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