The term for the collection of lunch trucks semi-permanently located in the College Ave. campus of Rutgers University. It sits in a parking lot across the street from Scott Hall. There is an inter-campus bus stop right in front of it. It is prime location for any food establishment.

Upon entering the vicinity, you will hear a cacaphony of Hey Buddys from the various truck operators, enticing you with promises of friendship if you visit their establishment. A first-time visitor will stand immobilized at the vast array of menu items. Combinations of "Fat" with every other spoken word is available. The original, one-and-only Fat Cats of course, as well as the aforementioned Fat Kokos, Fat Moons, and even Fat Elvises (Elvii?). Your heart will begin palpitating the moment you smell the grease in the air.

Of course, other, more traditional items are available. This usually includes standard deli fare such as reubens and tuna salad (on a pita!). Many of the truck operators originate from the Mediterranean and Middle East and prepare foods with that cultural style. They also have various bottled drinks, cigarettes, and other commodities. They were always there for me when I needed rolling papers at 2 in the morning.

However, I am convinced there is something sinister going on. Your average food truck owner cannot just park his or her vehicle here. In fact, competition is supposedly so tight, a schedule makes sure only half of the trucks are operating at any time. I'm pretty sure the group of trucks is actually a monopoly or cartel.

I have since transferred to NJIT in Newark, which is right across the street from the Newark Campus of Rutgers. Unfortunately, there is no centralized location for the food trucks, but I still call each one a grease truck out of habit.

It's really amazing the kinds of sales tactics these guys have, which leads me to believe that they're not all a big cartel, although I do know for a fact that one particular group of grease truck guys owns more than one truck.

I suggest that any potential business major go to the grease trucks to really study their craft, because the grease truck guys have got it down pat. From the 'Hey Buddy!' technique, to the obligatory handshake, to the vague flirting they carry on with the female patrons, they could all be very successful used car salesman, but for some reason I think that owning the food trucks is much more lucrative.

I went to the Grease Trucks one night aroung 1:30am with a female friend to get a couple of fat-something-or-others, and he (the random interchangable grease truck man) was rather flirtatious in a courtious manner with her.

He gave her a free pack of juicy fruit gum (I suppose because she was a new customer and also female) and when he handed over her sandwich he said, and I'm not kidding:

"Here you go, and it has extra yum yum for you!"

he then handed me my sandwich, and I asked:

"Does mine have extra yum yum?"

to which he replied:

"Uhh, yes!"

to which I replied:

"But I don't want extra yum yum! I didn't ask for extra yum yum!"

He was kind of like a deer caught in the headlights, so we prompty left.

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