This is the term for a type of glove worn by gymnasts to aid them on swinging events such as high-bar and rings. One grip consists of a long leather strip, not quite the width of the hand, which is attached to a wristband that can be tightened or loosened. There are 2-3 holes at the top of the strip to insert the fingers. Just below the first finger joint, there is a dowel (a small rod) sewn into the strip. This dowel allows gymnasts to hold on to the bar longer than they normally could since it "hooks" the bar between their fingers. Gymnasts need this extra time to for the last pump of the swing and to readjust their grip by letting go of the bar and then grabbing back on. The same use applies to rings, but on rings one does not have to let go of them to readjust one's grip.

Grips for high-bar have three holes and the fingers placed in the holes are the pointer, middle, and ring fingers. Grips for rings have two and the fingers placed in the holes are the middle and ring fingers. Grips for rings have a larger dowel since the surface area that the hand has to cover is larger (The rings are thicker). High-bar grips can be used on rings in an emergency, but ring grips cannot be used on high-bar. Because the dowel is so large, it may catch on the back swing and not allow the gymnast to let go of the bar, pretty much insuring the every bone in one's wrist will be broken. There are also Parallel Bars grips, but they are very rarely used.

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