Very rarely is a person's death documented in the history of a nation, but in the case of Hideto 'hide' Matsumoto, the date of his suicide - May 2, 1998 - is recognized as a national Japanese holiday. It happens to fall during 'Golden Week', a week-long period in May bookended by a series of workless days. The fact that a rock star's remembrance is included in a series of serious traditions speaks volumes about hide's impact on Japan - in music, style, attitude, and philosophy.

In Kanasawa (a prefecture of Tokyo), the place of hide's birth, there is an official hide museum, at which hide memorial day is celebrated in its full fervor. There are fireworks, concert videos, and various themed events.

Even outside of Kanasawa, the holiday is greeted by many music fans with shrine building, praying, and general positive reflection. (To give you an idea of how legendary hide is - there is an entire line of plush toys made in his likeness, from the big hair days of X Japan to the hat-wearing subtlety of his solo career.)

Although not everyone has access to the hide museum, hide's personality was electric enough to leave imprints in everyone, and there are personal celebrations much more appropriate than moping at the loss of a brilliant mind. Thus, I bring you...

Ten Things to Do on hide memorial day

1. Wear pink.

2. Write 'stay free my misery' on a cardboard sign and hold it up at the nearest intersection. {Don't forget the donations cup.}

3. Get blazingly, blindingly drunk and hit on a member of the opposite sex.

4. Get blazingly, blindingly drunk and hit on a member of the same sex.

5. Walk around singing the masturbation song. (If anyone addresses you by any name, scream 'That's NATURAL BORN ONNANIST to you!'}

6. Randomly run up to your friends and grope them. (Nipple-rubbing is especially encouraged.)

7. Ride around in a grocery cart. (Drinking dishwashing liquid is also acceptable, though not recommended.)

8. Come up with at least five extremely original euphemisms for penis (i.e. rocket, honey blade, electric cucumber). Even better, use them on your boyfriend(s).

9. Smoke a cigarette on a street corner and see if you get mistaken for a prostitute. (Poor hide.)

10. Make yourself a 'Pink Spider' - a drink containing Bacardi 151, Beefeater gin, cranberry juice, and a cherry. Like hide, it's alcoholic, fruity, pink, and will make you want to bang everyone in sight.

And remember - approach life with attitude.

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