hröfr fexjr röhrihr                     Swallowing a coin, it swims
hlöratn flatrr gröjl jangrröhrihr       On its surface, glinted ripples
jrur mlöfgannexsahr                     They color pale orange of the sky

hlaer hlulejn jgrir                     Points blink, as drifting fireflies
flatrrruxnrir xetlung                   The growing greens dark and deep
nöngatnsahr nöngatnhlulejn              Shapes barely visible against the sky,
                                        sounds barely distinguishable in the breeze

fang saesaes u hlulejn                  Behind rustling branches and wind
hlaer tlajl tlöx                        The hopping splashes silently
hlör u fang axaxaxas mlö                Upward, behind the onstreaming, it moons

For more information on this language and its people, read Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius by Jorge Luis Borges. A google search should result in some decent translations (the original is in Spanish).

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