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Paraphrasing from the biography on their website: Little Rock, Arkansas band founded in 1990 by brothers Lenny and Rod Bryan of Bradley, Arkansas. Debut album entitled Local was released by mega-label Universal Records in 1996. By the time the debut album was released the band had another album ready, but ran into creative problems with the label and were released from their contract in early 1997. Have recorded five subsequent albums for smaller labels, and have since formed their own label and home-recorded their latest album entitled Near and Dear.

I ended up living in Little Rock by chance and have fallen in love with this band. Amazing pop music (not Britney Spears pop, think The Posies or maybe even later Wilco). And most importantly, they cover a wide range of moods, tempos, genres, etc.

Quoting from a review by Kevin Canfield in vol 16, issue 4 of the New York Press:

"What’s extraordinary about Near and Dear—and it is truly an extraordinary record—is the degree to which the band seems capable of doing almost anything."

So, if you enjoy creative musicianship and poignant, sometimes obtuse lyrics (sample following is the Lyrics to "Ordinary People" from "Near and Dear") be sure to give Ho-Hum a chance.

Ordinary People

All you ever wanted
Was a tall drink of water
Smart like your mother
Acts like your father

Ordinary people
Rubbing up against you
All have a confession
Never an impression
On you

I came on very strong

How you are the way you are
Could speak volumes to those bright stars
There's breaking ice right after dark
And shaking when you hear your heart
They say that you break perfect things
By rubbing shoulders with those stings
The perfect life is within reach
According to the ones who preach/teach

Baby take a picture
Put it in your wallet
Draw a moustache on it
Call it what you want it
Indeed, yes indeed…

Caught in a lasso
Coming through the window
Pulling you tightly
Teeth shine brightly

I came on very strong

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