The storm clouds finally moved away after three days of alternating between a deluge and quarter-sized hail that demolished all the plants in the garden. Misha peered out of the cracked plexiglass window of the back door, verifying the quiet landscape was not an illusion or her tinnitus wasn't acting up again.

She walked back to the thick butcher block table that dominated the kitchen, shooing away the mewling kittens underfoot. "You'll get some, just settle down. Gotta feed my honey first."

Taking a heavy carbon steel cleaver in both hands, she returned to whacking on a thick chunk of bone until the roast peeled away. Using the cleaver like a shovel, she shuffled the meat into a plastic freezer Zip-Lock bag and tossed it into the almost-full Kenmore chest freezer.

With a grunt, Misha went back to the last portion on the table -- a thick skull. She couldn't help making a racket trying to split it open, but luckily there was a 9mm bullet hole that reduced the time it took to crack the skull open. With a smile, she pulled the brains out and plopped it into a white enameled bowl.

Sweeping chunks of the remains onto the floor for the cats to enjoy, Misha returned to the back door and verified the coast was clear. Flipping four thick iron hooks from their corresponding eyelets, she cracked open the thick oak door and shoved the bowl outside.

Before she could secure the door, the shuffling, gibbering man who was hiding under the stairs dove onto the bowl and began to hungrily feast.

Misha latched the last hook and watched her husband through the window as he mindlessly devoured the brains. "Happy anniversary, honey."


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