A hose shower is one of the joys of summer. It is almost an excuse for summer.

It is just what it seems. Grab a bar of soap (or a bottle of body wash, if you are so inclined). Head out to the backyard. Turn on the hose. Get wet. Lather up. Rinse off.

Unless you have a relatively secluded backyard, or just don't care, a swimsuit of some sort is required for a hose shower. A nozzle with a gentle shower setting is preferred. A jet spray is not recommended, unless you're in to that sort of thing. Worried about not getting everything clean? Stick your soapy hands in your suit, and get the job done!

A hose shower will get even the most energetic and stubborn children to slow down and bathe in the waning light of long summer evenings. Soap fights will break out, naturally, but they'll be clean. After that, wrap them in towels, break out the popsicles, count the bats having their breakfasts. Jammies, storytime, and sweet exhausted slumber follow.

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