In chemical-induced sexual attraction, pheromones play an important role by creating subconscious attraction. Of equal or greater importance are the chemical attractants that can be consciously smelled.

The main naturally-occurring scent chemical of male humans which serves to attract females is pentadecalactone. Pentadecalactone is produced by the apocrine glands of the male armpit. The same chemical is a male attractant scent chemical of many other mammals. The smell of pentadecalactone is sweet, powdery, and woody.

The formulas of pentadecalactone are as follows:
simple formula: C15H28O2
structural formula: OCO(CH2)14
The entire pentadecalactone molecule is one large loop.

Pentadecalactone can be obtained from the musk of many male mammals, including the musk deer, or it can be artifically synthesized, and it is a common component of many male perfumes.

Little study has been done on the naturally-occurring human male attractant scent chemical(s) (not to be confused with the non-smellable pheromones, on which there has been significant study), but even less study has been done on the naturally-occurring human female attractant scent chemical(s).

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