Act of fishing on a frozen lake by drilling a hole in the ice with an ice auger and dropping a fishing-line with bait and waiting for a fish to bite. Typically a male "sport" that involves a minimum of physical endurance. Also associated with the consumption of beer.

So Mike and I went ice fishing last year. We're planning to go again this winter if Mike can get the say-so from his sweetie, and so we held a meeting with the rest of the crew last night.

Some people assume it's all about drinking beer and playing bad music and pretending to fish, but it's more about the company and beating the elements. It's not even just a guy thing any more. Bobby Joe brought his sister down one year, though it has to be said that she didn't enjoy it that much. She came the following year out of stubbornness I reckon.

We got to talking about what guys do when they're out there on the ice. We talked about the fishing and the pranks and ice football and shit, and one of the new guys asked about the pranks. Well we told him about the time Piggy Hamm unhooked Mike's tent one night, pulled it out into the middle of the lake so Mike wouldn't know where he was when he woke. Mike is still ticked about that one.

Then Mike says he's a mind to catch him a bear this year, and the new guy asks, "How do you catch a bear out there on the ice?" and Mike says, "Well, first you cut a big hole in the ice, big enough for bear. Then you get a packet of frozen peas and smother them in honey and put 'em around the hole. Then you hide in the shack".

New Guy asks, of course, "But how do you get the bear?"

"You jes' wait and a bear will show up, drawn by the smell of honey. Sooner or later he'll go for a pea and you jes' kick him in the ice-hole!"

Love that guy.

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