And never come back. Claiming it was no rose bush, but a bed of thorns that I planted in your garden. I only ever wanted for you to see the rose in full bloom, subtle and beautiful. But the fear that you’d see it as too much held me back. I should just plant whatever garden needs to be planted. Let the dandelions mingle with the roses; everybody needs a full palette range to fully appreciate each colour. No yellow rose is yellow until left next to a poppy.

If you knew how much I love you, you would ask why? Bottomless questions with limitless answers. I always get lost when given too much space to answer. Then I end up sounding insincere. And then you don’t believe me, and the whole mess all starts again. And we can’t be having that, can we. Once my tongue gets tied I end up tripping endlessly and sound like a flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs. One clattering crushing vowel after another. I always miss the last step.

If you knew how much I love you, you’d ask why I’d only built the turrets out of sand. I’d answer that it’s because I only ever needed to see where you were when you weren’t in my arms. And I want those days to crumble. But you wouldn’t believe me. And I’ve have to make a new castle up for you, knowing that I only really had the tools to build it perfectly the first time. But I’ll try my best, if it’s turrets you want, it’s turrets you’ll get, higher and stronger than before. With archers loops half way up so you can watch the sun set.

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