Il*lu"mi*nate (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Illuminated (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Illuminating (?).] [L. illuminatus, p.p. of illuminare; pref. il- in + luminare to enlighten, fr. lumen light. See Luminous, and cf. Illume, Illumine, Enlimn, Limn.]


To make light; to throw light on; to supply with light, literally or figuratively; to brighten.


To light up; to decorate with artificial lights, as a building or city, in token of rejoicing or respect.


To adorn, as a book or page with borders, initial letters, or miniature pictures in colors and gold, as was done in manuscripts of the Middle Ages.


To make plain or clear; to dispel the obscurity to by knowledge or reason; to explain; to elucidate; as, to illuminate a text, a problem, or a duty.


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Il*lu"mi*nate (?), v. i.

To light up in token or rejoicing.


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Il*lu"mi*nate (?), a. [L. illuminatus, p.p.]


Bp. Hall.


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Il*lu"mi*nate, n.

One who enlightened; esp., a pretender to extraordinary light and knowledge.


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