In snowboarding and skiing, inclination refers to way that the body leans towards the inside of a turn in order to resist the centrifugal force that builds as the turn progresses. When carving, experts are able to inclinate so far that their hips and shoulders brush the snow throughout the turn.

Inclination is best matched with angulation in order to increase balance.




He asked if she was so inclined, 

hoping she would understand the meaning


She tilted her head to one side,  half smile with eyes blinking

from sunlight or while pondering a response


Oh, it's possible,  she said demurely 

pulling hair that was not in her face, behind her ears 


Then reaching out to touch his sleeve,  a small tug

as if to say-  it's your move 























I said, You are a lady

"Perhaps," she said, "I may be"


In`cli*na"tion (?), n. [L. inclinatio: cf. F. inclination.]


The act of inclining, or state of being inclined; a leaning; as, an inclination of the head.


A direction or tendency from the true vertical or horizontal direction; as, the inclination of a column, or of a road bed.


A tendency towards another body or point

4. Geom.

The angle made by two lines or planes; as, the inclination of the plane of the earth's equator to the plane of the ecliptic is about 23° 28�xb7;; the inclination of two rays of light.


A leaning or tendency of the mind, feelings, preferences, or will; propensity; a disposition more favorable to one thing than to another; favor; desire; love.

A mere inclination to a thing is not properly a willing of that thing. South.

How dost thou find the inclination of the people? Shak.


A person or thing loved or admired.

Sir W. Temple.

7. Pharm.

Decantation, or tipping for pouring.

Inclination compass, an inclinometer. -- Inclination of an orbit Astron., the angle which the orbit makes the ecliptic. -- Inclination of the needle. See Dip of the needle, under Dip.

Syn. -- Bent; tendency; proneness; bias; proclivity; propensity; prepossession; predilection; attachment; desire; affection; love. See Bent, and cf. Disposition.


© Webster 1913.

Originally noded mis-scanned as Inclinnation. Bad, naughty Webster 1913, you must be spanked. - Ed.

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