Iron(II) Oxide (FeO)
Colour: Black
Molecular Weight: 71.84
Melting Point: 1370°C
Boiling Point: Decomposition at 3414°C
Density: 6000kg/m3

Iron (II,III) Oxide (Fe3O4) AKA Magnetite
Colour: Black
Molecular Weight: 231.53
Melting Point: 1594°C
Density: 5170kg/m3

Iron(III) Oxide (Fe2O3) AKA Hematite, Rust
Colour: Red-brown
Molecular Weight: 159.69
Melting Point: Decomposition at 1565°C
Density 5250kg/m3

Iron(IV) Oxide (FeO2)
Colour: Red
Molecular Weight: 159.70
Melting Point: 1565°C

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