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Someone once said this to me, and I remember thinking what an amazing compliment that was, especially considering the source.. of course this is just one of the many neat little textual things that spew forth from my amazing friends.

I remember reading somewhere, maybe even in a node, about being picky as to the company you keep. This blurb of text I read also mentioned the reason for this: they had been fortunate enough to share their time with some infinitely amazing people. I think this is true, really, especially for me. I can be extremely picky as to who I 'hang around' or share my thoughts with. I think it's okay to be like that, though others might argue differently. Then again, I do get angry at people rather easily, I'm not too adept in the area of accommodating ignorance.

Regardless, I just thought I would node this, in order to help explain something.. sometimes the littlest things you say to someone can mean an awful lot. Be leery when insulting, and embrace caution even moreso when complimenting.

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