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Jûryô is the second highest division in Japanese sumo wrestling, below the makuuchi, and above the makushita. Under the present system, there are 28 rikishi in the Juryo division.

Juryo is the lowest level at which sumo wrestlers get paid a monthly salary, making it a coveted rank to achieve. But even aside from the salary, the difference between being a juryo wrestler and a makushita wrestler is like night and day. In the ridiculously hierarchical world of sumo, a wrestler who enters the juryo becomes sekitori, which means he no longer has to do chores around the heya, and no longer has to jump to do the bidding of higher-ranked wrestlers. In fact, by becoming one of those higher ranked wrestlers, a member of the juryo is assigned one or two lower-ranked wrestlers to serve his every need. Not surprisingly, elevation to the juryo rank is the highlight of many a sumo wrestler's career.

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