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Being an American Original, Kimber started off its firearm manufacturing line with a .22lr rifle. While not nearly as well known as Marlin or the Ruger 10/22 these rifles were very well made and guaranteed a 5 shot, .4 inch group, at 50 yards.

Today Kimber is known for making reasonably priced factory made (as opposed to custom shop made) 1911 style pistols that already come with the most common and useful enhancements that most 1911 shooters eventually put on their guns, usually at great expense and requiring a long wait for the gun to get back from the gunsmith's custom shop.

These features include:

Although still in the higher spectrum of 1911 prices, (Kimbers are priced from $700 to $2000++) the fact that you get a pistol with most if not all of the enhancements you could possibly want at a "factory" price is more than enough to justify it.

They also have a custom shop where custom engraving or other such personal options are available for a fee.

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