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Also known as:
Lumulse L-23
Exthoxylated lauryl alcohol
Polyoxyethylene (23) lauryl ether

Other properties:
Melting Point: 41-45° C (106-113° F)
Boiling Point: 100° C (212° F)
Solubility: 100% (by volume)
Specific Gravity: 0.95
Flammable - burns with a thick black smoke, releasing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
NFPA Code: Heath 1, Flammability 1, Reactivity 0

Found in moisturizer, skin cream, shaving cream, body wash, and other personal care products, Lauryl-23 is a waxy, greasy, slippery solid at room temperature used as an emulsifier, surfactant, and stabilizer. It is created by exthoxylating (treating with ethylene oxide) lauryl alcohol, which increases its solubility. The more processing is done, the more soluble the result (the 23 indicates condensation with 23 moles of ethylene oxide). Lauryl-23 is popular because it is safe and compatible with a wide range of other emulsifiers, and stable in an unusually wide pH range.


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