a model of the moog (pronounced 'mogue') synthesizer family. this is the strap-on guitar-style synthesizer. it is basically a moog rogue (or realistic mg-1) with a bunch of other neat things, i.e. keyboard pitch bending (pushing down the keys beyond a certain point to bend the pitch/trigger modulation, etc. etc. etc.

this synthesizer is used by lots of different groups, a few of note are : six finger satellite, the moog cookbook, and devo.

these are somewhat rare and go for about eight-hundred u.s. dollars on ebay.

Perfect eyes look out from twin glass
so unlike your own, but just as cold.

Lib`er*a"tion (?), n. [L. liberatio: cf. F. lib'eration. Cf. Livraison.]

The act of liberating or the state of being liberated.

This mode of analysis requires perfect liberation from all prejudged system. Pownall.


© Webster 1913.

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