the everything system, is, sadly limited in it's capability. But, gol-darn it, I like it. I'm going to keep playing with it until we can all use it friendly like.

I didn't say that the limitations of the system were a bad thing.

To use a tired cliche, the 12-tone scale is a serious limitation in Western music. However, the structure is very important for musicians - it's easier to create given that limitation, and much easier to collaborate.

Let us hope that Everything will foster a wonderful mass collaboration.

limitations of the system+

It is within limitations that good things happen.

For example, on the piano the diatonic scale, say from C to C, (and not the motto of Canada, ad mare usque ad mare), is not very easy to compose in, let alone improvise in. And when you move to other scales, say E major, with 4 sharps, black notes that are mixed with white, things can get complicated.

More than that, there seems to be built into this harmonic system, that most western art music has used, a propensity for errors.

You just can't get it right.

But when you move into another mode of harmony, say pentatonic, just all the black keys, for example, everything works!

And then there is the blues scale which gives the sound so distinctively blues.

And then there are limitations of rhythm you can build in, and chord progressions, too.

You can't go into the void without a method.

I wish life were this easy.

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