In Werewolf: the Apocalypse, the Litany is the sacred law of the Garou. This writeup is taken from mostly, but you can find the same thing all over the net if you do a google search for "Garou Litany".

Garou Shall Not Mate With Garou
If two Garou consummate their relationship, and the female conceives, the result is a Metis - deformed or psychotic, and sterile. Werewolves must breed with either wolves or humans to produce fertile offspring.

Combat the Wyrm Wherever it Dwells and Whenever it Breeds
The Wyrm has become a danger to Gaia, and the Garou have been placed in the world to combat it. This is the primary objective of the Garou. Whenever you encounter a minion of the Wyrm, destroy it or neutralize it in some way.

Respect the Territory of Another
Each Garou has their place in society, both social and physical. Do not presume to encroach on either without good cause.

Accept an Honorable Surrender
If you defeat an enemy in combat who serves Gaia, do not destroy him. Our Mother Earth needs all her warriors in the fight to save the Wyld.

Submit to Those of Higher Station
Those who have achieved a higher rank than you deserve your respect. They have become wise and knowledgeable, and their judgment should be considered sound in almost all cases. Unless you have an incredibly strong reason not to, do as they say.

The First Share of the Kill Goes to the Greatest in Station
Garou who rank above you have worked harder and achieved more than you have. Accordingly, they should receive the most reward.

Eat Not the Flesh of Humans
Often, those who consume humans are weakened by the Wyrm-taint in their bodies.

Respect Those Beneath Ye - All Are of Gaia
No matter whether you like or dislike another Garou, you must respect him if he serves Gaia. All Garou are Gaia's children and should be treated as such.

The Veil Shall Not Be Lifted
Revealing the existence of the Garou to humankind, werewolf hunters, or agents of the Wyrm would be disastrous. Never take any action that will allow them to find out what we truly are.

Do Not Suffer Thy People to Tend Thy Sickness
Healthy Garou have enough problems protecting Gaia and themselves. Those who are unable to continue should care for themselves for the remainder of their lives, to ease the burden on those capable of fighting.

The Leader May Be Challenged at Any Time During Peace
The Garou in charge of a pack may not always be the best leader available. If another Garou feels he should be the leader, he may challenge the leader as long as the pack is in no danger.

The Leader May Not Be Challenged During Wartime
However, if the pack is in danger, dissension could spell disaster. During wartime, the leader's orders should be followed specifically and without question. Working together as a pack is the key to victory.

Take No Actions That Allow a Caern to be Violated
The few caerns remaining in the world are sacred places. Letting any one of them fall into the hands of Wyrm or Weaver agents would represent a tremendous setback to our cause. Protect your caern with your life.

Lit"a*ny (?), n.; pl. Litanies (#). [OE. letanie, OF. letanie, F. litanie, L. litania, Gr. , fr. to pray, akin to , , to pray, prayer.]

A solemn form of supplication in the public worship of various churches, in which the clergy and congregation join, the former leading and the latter responding in alternate sentences. It is usually of a penitential character.

Supplications . . . for the appeasing of God's wrath were of the Greek church termed litanies, and rogations of the Latin. Hooker.


© Webster 1913.

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