as much as references/lyrics to song on this album show up in my daylogs, i though maybe i should actually node the album...

Rainer Maria's second full length album, released in 1999 on Polyvinyl.
Caithlin De Marrals: bass/vocals
Kyle Fischer: guitar/vocals
William Kuehn: drums

track list:
much like Low, the lyrics don't do the songs full justice, you just have to hear the aching way Caithlin sings slightly out of key, the dynamics between loud and soft. the bitter playfullness in their simultaneous singing of different lyrics. BUY THIS ALBUM!!! it's been in constant rotation in my cd player since the day i got it.

  1. Rise

  2. Planetary

  3. Broken Radio

  4. Feeling Neglected?

  5. Breakfast of Champions

  6. The Reason the Night Is Long

  7. Lost, Dropped and Cancelled

  8. Centrifuge

  9. I'm Melting!

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