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Metaphor for love based upon the Antique Roadshow:

Everyone thinks that they have something worthwhile to somebody else.

On the Antique Roadshow(use this link), people have their junk appraised by an expert, and the expert usually tells the person that what they have brought to show is highly valuable (sometimes sickeningly so). However, what they fail to inform the poor souls of is that one must find a person willing to pay the appraisal price before that object can really be considered worth the price proposed.

Compare this to our individual quests for love.

We are convinced our junk is worth something to begin with. People come along and tell us that we are worth something without ever saying that they themselves are willing to pay for it. Through it all, what we really need to find in our lives is a person willing to pay the horrendous prices for our junk when no-one else is crazy enough to do it. It's a quest to find that one crazy individual.

I don't know. Perhaps the metaphor would be more effective if you were familiar with some of the shit these people are having appraised...

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