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Engineering student (or also: kick me in the nuts as hard as you can!)
Tennessee Tech, Cookeville (The godforsaken island) Tennessee
we're dying from the moment we're living, but life isn't about death -- it's about living.
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March 7, 2003
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That was then:
Yep... I'm 19, and I'm probably about as stupid as I'll ever be in my life -- however, I can't guarantee it. Most likely, I'm getting less wise every day, and making worse decisions by the moment. That's why I'm going to school. To become a professional. You know what they say about those professionals -- "A professional is a person that learns more and more about less and less till he/she knows absolutely nothing about everything" Yeah, so that's me. Some dumb kid going to school in a godforsaken town called Cookeville, Tennessee. I'm really pessimistic, and heartbroken right now. I've succumb to one of those stupid situations in which the love I've got for someone won't work out... it did, but it won't -- not right now. I know... stupid. Lay it on me. Cheers
This is now...

Amidst the awakening of the soul, the arrival of my rehabilitation of the crushing event that changed my life... I emerge a new person. It is true, the eyes of pain still sear into my heart on occasion -- but I live to see another day, and another write up on E2!

Life, she has become funny again. Perhaps I'm just a silly Big eyed Fish. Good days come, and invariably bad days pass... But as with everything... This will pass.

And today on this great day, I sit and I ponder the meaning of nothing. By nothing, I mean Everything... Everything2, even. Today, August 25, 2002, I reach level two. Thank-you TheBooBooKitty.

                                                                                   ,,, a  a,)V\(/""""""d'/a\a,.. .,                                                                                     
                                                                      . ddadMdMMMMMP"MP"`,MPVdM'dMMMMMMbdV'"MMMaP\ '`MMMMbMdM). ,                                                                       
                                                           ,     ,.a"MM\MVMPdb/)aaP,a,"'a","a/P"MMMMMMM\).bb/Mbd/a dMM"(".""P"ddMd`, .                                                                  
                                                               )MbbPPV\dMMM\VPP'(`b'/VMbMa,\bMaMaaaaaaabMMMbbdM).'(a/Pbd `,bbaMV`dVMMMb\,.                                                              
                                                          , "( MbPMP,,.`."" (MM)bbM"MPP")a.Mb\("P     `V( 'V)(MP"PVMMMd(a'/PP"``d\`"/MMadM\,a                                                           
                                                       .,VMMaM)\M.,`P\bd//"ba/P".d\P'" `                     `'``"" './\M da/a,V(V a`"VV(.PMd/),                                                        
                                                     (MdPM/,(aa,dP`,VdM/V""M/`"'                                         ``,`VV"aaPdbdP"VaPbVMMbb' .                                                    
                                                 ,./dPVb)P.d)"a`dV,`M'M '                                                       ("/""b)\M`\aMPb/`/d)a,.                                                 
                                               aPbd,\d)VMb MM(aMV)/""'                                                              "("MdaM)"Vaa'a(.V,b,.                                               
                                            ,.,`M,(\)"`P\d\VPVd`'                                                                      `ba"Maa`'M'("b\MPbP                                              
                                           `dd"d"),,"db,aPMP"                                                                            ``VaV\M,.)d\d)aPMa',.                                          
                                        .)aP`",Vb))b'dP'a`                                                                                  ` ",\Mb.dV),\dMMM/.                                         
                                      a,bM`(MdM'(" a``''                                                                                        "(VVM/'dadMd)VMb.                                       
                                    ,(\M/"b((\,d\)d`"                                                                                             `\(\MaM.,Va\bd)/,                                     
                                   /VPbMaV)'.M\Pb                                                                                                   ``,Vb P(d(aaVbM`,                                   
                                  \MV/","V\Mb/P"                                         ,a. ..,       .,. ..a                                          ,PMP)b""\.(M)M.                                 
                               a,aPa(P.`")\')/                                      (d.`(dddabbbdMMMMMMMbbbaad"b(`,,                                     `'MaPb)(/V.V)`..                               
                              ,ddM\/PM,bVd)                                     (\bbdVV"P"V\` ,M"MMMMMM"P,PP)M"P"MddMb                                     '"b(/b(bP"dMdV.                              
                            ,dd"V"Vb'(dPP/                                       aV(  "/\`P"P.),,aaaaaa.b(M"PMMd "b)P '                                      '(bM("aa''PbP'                             
                           ,M)V`"`)VMdV` \                                       `\dM"P(b'P`/)ddMMMMMMMM\`\,,a)aV`a,V'                                         '(V)/)Md".,b)                            
                           d"b//VV'MP)"                                            (P'b,dMMMMMdddMMMMMMMbdMMbbabVa)d`                                            `Mbbdbbdd Mab                          
                        ,/MV'dM\P,aP"                          ,                    /bdbVMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMbPMbP                   .                          (Pd'M(PbM"'M)                         
                        MMa"\P (P```                         .,'d.                  V(dVMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMbM)P                    (",.                         ""/(\/d"`b/,                        
                      /,.\d//Md""M'                        dbbMP)/                   bVPVMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMb'P'                  db"Pbab.                         .VbP"MbMVM)                       
                     Pd(/",PdMP\`                       ,.MM"\PdMdb                  (V\dMP"MP"VMMMMMMMM"PMVP"VMb.                   ,P(  .V)                      "  (dVddM a)").                      
                    .M.)bdaV(/b'                       ('(MP ,P)db(                    (''d)P)adMMMMMMMb\".dPaV))                   dMM.PVb.Vd`,     .                  'dbb\V()"`V                     
                   b(`MPb'PMMb'                      .bMddP/M()\\(V,                   ",,,b.' MMMMMMMMP"VMV dPP                   aM.`\adPa\V"\M,   '                   PMaPM(M)/"M                    
                 ,'MMVaVb`d.''                     ,(dMMMa(P(`" ,b'P\                   (M)ba/MMMMMMMMMMPPb'\Md'                  ,V"bVM"`Pbd/`""Md.                      ,P')",aV/)).                  
                 ,VPaVdab/"/'                    ,`,d.da)M"M)baM))MM/a                  `) .`bVMMMMMMMMMP.aVP\"                   P/PV/(/db'`VP"'bPMb                      V\)V,ab\,.d.                 
                /`' (P"/dPb'                     ad) d\a)`M'(dMM)PVP)..                  `VPb`/MMMMMMMM)ad""M)                   V"V )"MVdMdbdPbP")\VP,                     'db)\\('`)V                 
               (dPd"/dP"Pb                     aaMM),(b.dMMMMMMMPM",M"a                   "(M)VMMMMMMMM)a\V)M                   ,(b/dM,`MMMMMMMMb"" `baa.                    )/ .. ,.`\`                
              aMd  VPVV/"'                    aMMb/P,b.\dMMMMMMMP (bPVa                    '(''/MMMMMMMMMP/b'                  aadPbMbM.dMMMMMMMM Va)MMM\.                    "MM(a)")dP'               
             `d/P'.PVMM''                     dVV VdP\bddMMMMMMPbM,\d'bb.                  `VMdPdMMMMMMMbP\/                  ,Md)dbP`dPdMMMMMMMMa/V).VMM)                     `V)bdd/`\d.              
             )(VMdbPaa/.                      `PMMb`V'`"VMMMMMMbb.' )"('V'                   (bPMMMMMMMP(P'                   PMdM/\VP`MMMMMMMMP))aaMVMM'                      `ddbMV`"/M".             
            d,ba,dPMdb"                        'd.Md'..,VMMMMMMMMMMMMdPaM..                  'db",`Ma(P`)M'                  (\ ,M) (b dMMMMMMM),M M/,)('                       `daa,MP.`b/.            
           , V,MM")Pb"                           ()"bPVMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP(),                   /dd.'a(,'a .                  (MdaMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM)aVPVbdM                          `VMMP. '()b            
           bMM"d"VPb`                            \\.dM.VMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPa\a.                   (`)""MV/'.                  ,Md'adMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPV,PVMP                            bb/b"(adM/            
          `\db'M)..)                             `/)MdMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMa`\,.                  (d'/)MVM)                   (dM bMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM)/P`VP"                            `/Mda)ad`)a           
          P()VV VMaP                              'M)PdMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM\a))b                   'b\bdPP                   a/dMbMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMbPMa'                              (bb)P/\M\P           
         (d.) \`"M)                                VMP\V(MMMMMMMMMMMMMMba`)'Md                   VbPPV'                   MVM(PddMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP'M(('                              ``."V'(."))          
         \Vad)a,a)                                 `)a(MdMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM"'.`bb                   `)aP                    //ba/.MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP\M''                                ','(VM"M)d          
        (MbVVPMaPM                                   V.VMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM) bbVMb\                   `""                   ((bVP/MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM\))                                  M\dMbMdM.)         
        .('d,V(VbM                                    P`dMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPaM"aMVM .                  `                   .Va/V'."MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM\                                    (MMVP\VM`         
       `VdP`M.)db.                                    'MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMVb,M..a),                                     `,.\/,dP"(MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMb,                                    ,/Vb\M  MM'        
       ((.,PP(bad'                                    ,V()MV(MMMMMMMMMMMbMMbaMMb/                                    (MdMMbMMMMMMMMMMMMM)MMPMbd)`                                    `"d"V) ad,P        
       'd)VP`aVM)                 ,P.                  \VV,V)/aMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMb/.                                  ,MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ,d),VP.                   \.                 (dPdb/M'. .       
      (VPMVM')M).                  ,a.                  V`) "."\(MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPM                                 dVbVMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMbPVMV') '                  ,'a                 `PdPVMPPM))       
      ,(b.V)PM\d                  "V)                    dMb,db"dMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP"M,                               ,\.ddMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM)\)aMM\'                  ,aP))                 (Mb/(Va b'       
      ddVbVb") P                 ,.bVa'                   (M\ bVMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMb/d.                               "(`P dMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM)`VV)"                   (d'a'                 `(PPPa VPP       
      VMM)"(\Md)                  b'Mbb.                  ` ,VadMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPMMa\b.                            'Md,,aMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM`P(MP                  , ""MM)                  VP(da`(P/       
      .MM)  ((b                  ,dbM'MP                   V"ab(MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMa MMPd                           ,,PP.VMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPdd)''                  /dMb"ba                  /b`MM V`P)      
     `)dP)a.)bb'                 ,MM)dVM                    V(a(MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMbbM)b)'                          (Pd"(MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..'                   , ``\M,                  \V.PP",(b.      
     ,(P M)(M"'.                 MVddaa\)\                  ` VMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMaPM)\a.                        P(,a"(dVMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP)                    ((M"\.Pa)                 )\d.(P`(P       
     (V,'"b/'(,)                 '( )bM.V.'                   VMPMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPMd'bP.                      /M)/,b"dMMMMMMMMMMMPMVPPVP\                   aMMMdbadP                  Md),/MMPb.      
     (M)MM"M`dV'                `.MM( M`(d(.                  `MM`)Mbd)d(MMMMMMM"baMdMPM/".M Va d"""""").(,V P,dMMMMMaMMMMMMMMM)'\\bM)a/,'                  ((Pad)M)(P)                 ,Mb()()MP)      
     (MbP).,M\/                 (/M (P.\\a.'                  `'Ma"dMa(bMMMMMMMbadMM)\""MMMMMVMMMMMMMMMMMaa(PVd/dMMMMMMMMMMMMMM)`d(("MM)'                  (V)VVM)M)())                 ,(bd//Vd)       
     (M)()bVbMa                 ((( (M''MP).,                   (M)a"VP)MMMMMMMMMM"" MMMMVVM"PPV""""""""V'M"/M"VMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMbbM.)bM"/                  ,d"\aVM)M)())                  d.('`(M)       
     (M)baMd"M''                `,d.(Mb\/'aa(                   VMVbdab(MMMMMMMMMb\"dM/P."" ``" '      "'"'`` "/MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,/VaP\,                   (M PMMM)M)(b)                 (dVMPbVV).      
     (M\Va"MaV,)                `\(bdPMVd\/,'P                   bM("V'PVMMMMMMMb,.VM\,,'                      VVVVPM"MMMMMMMMMMb"(MPb                   .(Vb."VM)Mb`))                 /"`("V`VM'      
     ,"PdM."bV)                  /M"VMaMPPP(/"\                   \\)"MbdMMMMMMM bM"...                         `,M" aPVMMMMMMMMP(VM()                  aPM/M)M(M)'(b .                 baVP,P/M))      
       V.VP VMM)                 `VM"V"ad`)/) P,                  ``bV(MMMMMMMMb d)\(b'                         ` /\b) MMMMMMMMMM\a)P                   PaPb(MMMM)/V)`'                `a(bbM)\MP.      
      ,M.Vb"(MM                  `(M`.db,".aM"Pa                   'PV/MVMMMMMMMMM'dM'                            ()dVadMMMMMMMMbM)/                  ,ad)`"dbMdMMa(PP                 `(M\.dM"d'.      
      )(M"baM()a                  (VdMP\( P,/V,b,                   (Vb/dMMMMMMMPb\M'                             VV)(MMMMMMMMMP\P'                   d(MV\/MVP"VMM(P                  (VMM\(M)P"       
      `dbddV)bMd.                 VVb/d .bMMa"`\)                   `PMM"bM("aV)/' P'                             `daMbP.P/dM)/d`a'                  ,`'`\dM MM Pd`.P'                 adMP'(b Mb       
      (PV \`MP\')                 ,MP)"aVMaMaMMPM)a                  `aVbdb,)MM)/M\.                               (dd,"MbaMdPbMP                   ,) \MMMMMMMP'/VbP                  "dMM /V\P        
      `,MP\)MMMb.                 `"(PMd(MMMMMMM"VP                   ,d/Vd(aPa.bP.                                  VP'M"MdVVMb`                   ,(.MMMMMMMM)VMa)'                  VMPPdP)V\)       
       `MMaaMMVb\                   (.MMdMMMMMM\MMVP.                  VMP.Pd`b()P                                   "M',MV),dPa'                  (M dMMMMMMMMb Va`                  /VMP"V)`P/        
       `()dMMa\M/'               , `MPMMVMMMMMM)/).)b                   ,VM`(d)/P'                                    ,(PMVMVM"'                  `Mda/MMMMMMMMba(M'                 ,VVMb dddP         
        ((/V,Mb"b'                  ,(aMaaaaaaa.(P`MM.                  `M(M(MaV'                                     `\,`db,M`                   VPVMaMMMMMMMMMMMV'                  MMaMaM'd"'        
         MM))( MMa                   /VPMMMMMMMb`a"('a                   `VM\`).                  ,,                   V`'VP)"                   "db(V'`MMMMMMMMM')                 ,/M)`aM/a),         
         Pda(MabP))                  ,VMVMMMMMMbd\ab`Mb.                  "M,db                   da\                   `(/bP                   .M(Va`"P, MMMMPMP.                  (VP(ba`/bM)         
         a`"(\MMP )                   `MMMMMMMMMM"VbP"b)                    d))                   VPV\                   P/`                   ,aMdMPb\)/,MMMP\)`'                  d(`VM"P\)           
         ()PP"b )/P'                  `,(VM"MM"b\\b\d/d.'                  `b`                  ,b`\"b                    ))                     (ddMa\/(MMMV .'.                   da)dd((MV'          
          ,a/ /V).b.'                   (/".(V.)MdadMMMM).                                     ,a( ,PMb                   `                  ,b(MMdMMMba(/Pb)b'P                  ((d)"(/`Mb'           
          `PdP/bdV. d                    (PM\(P)MMMMMMMMP(                                     (PM)(PPdb                                     `dMMMMMMMMP.'V`") '                  (`PV\".(b)/           
            V"ba(dbVPb                   "d`)(.MMMMMMMMM/),                                   (,(dMP (MP'                                   ,(MMMMMMMMMbaa,bM`                   `M.M(bMVMM/            
            "VMd/`PMMa                    "P\,aMMMMMMMM)(a/b                                 ,b(b."baad"..                                  aM`PMMMMMMMM\) M`                   ,`Pbda(MMMb             
            ((M'/``(P),                    ("PbVMMMPPVP".V'P.                                ab"'`V.`VVMba.                                )(`V`VMPMM"PV`"b'                    d"'aPM,`PV              
             V.'b)PP/VPV.                   ''M`a)` PPV".daP''                              ,(M VMMbbdMMM'"                               (Mbb"`\d)bM' )d/)                    a(//\a '\)P              
               ()`dd/'d)b                     .MP  V)""d)/M")a                             (Md)dMMMMMMMPPVd\                             ,adMa)MM.\ddV\aM/                     d)`)`b),)                
                MM.MM'\ .)                    `(PMMb.,/dP"d(d).                           ,\PM/'dMMMMMMM\dMb.                            MVPMbbM),`P),//'                    ,\`VPMdP\ad                
               `dda")aaadb.                     `(V)aV\ " `dba..                          .VM"\"VMMMMMMMbb,).                          ,(V`M`"`P"a )MM\                     ,,.M.V.,b"')                
                 dV)"aP\(b.a                     \PMPV\(//(bVaV                          /MPV.,MMMMMMMMMMd"M,,                         /d\(V\(\Md.,/M                      `\/a`Mbb`M)'                 
                 (d\V\(\"\(),                      ,VMb.PM.VM V),                       `'P'()"VMMMMMMMMMVV/Mb                        ,,/dM(M,MV.aM                       a)d,)Ma/)MPP                  
                   `\M/d)'`aP.                       "`b )`aP,/bd\                     ,(\b db"dMMMMMMMM) Vb"bP'                      VP"Mb"bMV\/"'                      ,(dV,a`bVdP`                   
                   `VM))(')('PV.                      '"Vbb\PVM\/b                     Md)\(MPVPMMMMMMMMbP,P)"Pb.                    /`)`P.(.dM)P                       .)MM(()`/')'                    
                    `M"/"\MaMMPb                        `)Vd \,)/V.                   ,VVd(/,VM`dMMMMMMMPV.\M(`).                   ,(,',(MMM,.                       ,.M),Vb.(VP"/                     
                      ,V'")d`(MM/..                        "Mb(dVab,                 ,bP.(dPdaMMMMMMMMMMb d)"V".a\                  a/M adM `'                       ,daP"d(/.bd\`                      
                       bMbb b\Maa,'                         `\/)P`P/                 V aMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPM,.             a  VVP\a"V'                         ddM,)bM",\`M'                       
                       `((M/"V/V"abP                           (\"((P                V.(MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPbP             " Vda",.'                          dM"d"M/VP/b)                         
                         ,`bd(\\'\("Va.                          `P,\M.            ab,MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMb(Pb             ((P.''                          `a\V('"(`\"")'                         
                          `")d((Pb\ d)).                            "V'           `(d)adMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM)\)dbb            (                             ,bd'Va(\"/MPV`                           
                           `,/\) Mba)Mbb.                                         ,(VP'aPadMMb./V\aaaaa"P\)"VMP/,PbM).                                        ,VM/M"/VP/b ('                            
                              '(PdMbP)"dbM)                                     ,ddM \.\d\.P.a/b,aaaaaad('/\"(Md).`Mb.                                      /bM MM dMbaP'P                              
                               `dM)P/M)b)bMM).                                   ''\(MMVVPMadbbMMMMMMMMbaadaMP\\dMb,P`                                    aadVa`.M.PdMPV                                
                                `d("/\VMaP'PMM'.                                       `'``  \)V(MMMMMPV.`'`"""'                                        ,/M" `P, ,.b")"'                                
                                  ".(."/)//(/M).'.                                                                                                    .\".,ad/Md                                   
                                     /)VVV'\V`(Pb/d,                                                                                                 (."""aV".(ddM,"                                    
                                      '/\M\V ``(d,Vab\                                                                                          ,,Md"\` M)VVP(aM""                                      
                                        (dM/(M),`)V /a)),                                                                                     ,daa/MVb/")/'.dM`"                                        
                                          \dba"". d, .PVbP).                                                                                d\V"M",PP,a/)b,M'                                           
                                           `,VMM('\.'`db`Vbab) .                                                                       ,,\bdP" (,dV`V,`d V"                                             
                                               ,V,/`d/VV\dV""VddPb                                                                  a ,ddMPb. `\'V"/\b".'                                               
                                                "'""V.`(/\bd""\aPMaab` ,                                                        a(VMPMV`(`'.`b\MabdPP'`                                                 
                                                    (```(M,/V"\(d"Vd.bba/')..                                             , a,)Ma/P"PVbP`' \.(b .'/`                                                    
                                                     `"\dMbd'`dd"M`P.("V,(bMba b,aa.                               aaa,(aMbad,`a(`'(V"."d',MM.b"""                                                      
                                                         '(MM,\)V)P"P'aaM)bbMMM""VdbMaa.dab,,,aaaaaaaaa. a.a, (.bMbabdMP'adMMMVbd(MMd()Va)('`'                                                          
                                                                           `'(ba"VV"MMMbdMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMbdbMPPMMV VV "'                                                                          
                                                                                            '`'` """"""''`"'