Metal Music is basicly a harder, heavier version of Rock Music. It is a powerful and loud genre, very energetic and exciting. It is often criticized for its shouting and loud guitars, usually by fans of softer genres such as Pop or Classical. Metal Music fans, like myself, sometimes find it hard explaining to people why Metal is more than just "shouting and loud guiars". It is a very different type of music, but it is full of more excitement, energy and emotion than you may think. Heavy Metal is usually very loud and bleak, except Death Metal is certainly the bleakest and loudest, it is very dark and sometimes slightly disturbing music. Nu Metal is the newest sub-genre of Metal, more or less created by Limp Bizkit. Nu Metal is very popular amongst teenagers and young people. To top it off, Metal is defintely one of those love-hate things, an annoyance to some and a joy to others.

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