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A condition in which the noticeable effects of gravity are negligible. Also known as zero gravity or weightlessness.

I have always sworn that the only way I will ever get married is if I can do it in microgravity..
Any object in freefall experiences microgravity conditions, which occur when the object falls toward the Earth with an acceleration equal to that due to gravity alone (approximately 9.8 meters per second squared m/s2, or 1 g at Earth's surface). Brief periods of microgravity, or µg, can be achieved on Earth by dropping objects from tall structures. Longer periods are created through the use of aeroplanes, rockets, and spacecraft. The microgravity environment associated with the space shuttle is a result of being in orbit, which is a state of continuous freefall around the Earth. A circular orbit results when the centripetal acceleration of uniform circular motion (v2/r; v = velocity of the object, r= distance from the centre of the object to the center of the Earth) is the same as that due to gravity alone.
thankyou, NASA

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