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Dots of the sun shimmer on the ground, walking in the woods, on a bright sunny day. Beams of sunlight are clearly visible, coming down through the trees-- sunbeams.

What is the name for those dots of light on the ground?

Walking in the woods, under a full moon, you may see little pictures of the moon on the ground, cast by reflected sun's light, caught by the moon, re-delivered to earth, reflecting into your eyes.

The light beams are focused by interstices between leaves on trees. Images of the sun, or moon, are all around, on the ground.

But, What is the name for the dots of light on the ground?

The beams of light coming down are clearly visible, streaming through the trees, sunbeams and moonbeams.

During an eclipse of the sun, little crescent suns appear on the ground, underneath the trees.

They have no name that I know.

If you know what they are named, please tell me!

Someone mentioned to me that the name for those dots of light is "images". I was hoping for something a little more exact, and it dawns on me that, if it's not "available" in English, perhaps another language has a word?

For lack of any specific words, I propose "moondots" and "sundots" to name images of the moon and sun upon the ground. (See Crepuscular rays.)


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