Contrary to many people's expectation, not a dress that is worn in the morning.
It is a very formal attire, originally designed for daytime wear during a wedding. However, it now is acceptable protocol for evening weddings as well. The morning coat attire gives men a turn-of-the-century appearance. It is comprised of either a black or gray coat with matching gray and black striped pants, a pearl gray or light gray vest, gray and black striped four-in-hand tie (standard necktie) or ascot tie, and either a collared or wing collar shirt. The coat is designed as either a "Cutaway" with tails or a "Stroller" without tails.

Actually a morning coat is proper for any formal daytime occasion, such as a garden party, afternoon tea, or luncheon. It is NOT to be worn at night, no matter how handsome the bride thinks the groomsmen look in it (and daytime weddings, with a wedding breakfast, are more formal than ones held in the evening, anyway, but few people know this). Unfortunately, the only men who own morning coats anymore are in diplomatic circles, and even this is fast fading into memory...

To fill in the gaps: The pants are not matching, but rather complementary. vests are occasionally seen. For weddings, the most traditional tie is a silver-checked tie. Wing-collar shirts should be of the stiff, detached variety. Finally, the morning coat can be worn at night only when it is worn at a day wedding and into an evening reception.

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