I've been growing a mustache and goatee for 7 months now. It's a blast. I got some mustache wax as a gift, and I put some on. I should point out that I was a bit altered. Reality-wise. So Then I put on the wax, and its like really wax.

No shit.

And I curl the ends up, snidely-whiplash style. It's a laff riot. I've here by myself, keeping myself amused - it's day two of quiting smoking - (pizza is done) - and so I will allow myself zero idle moments. I noticed that the wax is very tacky - texture-wise, at least - and it really would make your thick-ass, guard hair-style mustache do your evil bidding.

So then I put some in my goatee, and it was awesome. I could twirl them up, or be an egyptian king, or tease out these greasy triangles that would hold their shape like clay: I curled my beard, I was Lucifer, you name it. Silliness.

The pain comes in the second hour. The wax don't come out. Damn. Hairs a-tugging, and I'm glad I'm alone, because kissing could result in my sweet's lips being pierced. To say nothing of oral matters.

I digress. anyway, mustache wax is fun, but the moral of the story is that every rose has its thorn. Or maybe I'm a wuss.

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