For some unknown reason there is a wonderful feeling that comes from not sleeping. I'm not talking of insomnia but just an active decision to stay awake, just because. Of course you manage to feel, to put it simply, like crap but we can over look that. We can even over look the rumbling and creaking of parts of your body that you never even knew could rumble or creak. The dull ache in the head, the feeling of undeniable dopiness, and the need to eat Weetabix at 4.00am, just push them all aside.

Why do i stay awake? For one thing I love the quiet that comes with night. During the day the house is occupied, and even if it isn't silence is never to be had, with the audible hum of my neighbour's television seeping through the walls. So silence. The detachment that comes from shutting down the good part of your brain. The hysterics that finally come when its really advisable that you give up this little thing of yours and go to bed. The ability of find absolutely everything amusing, laughing so hard it hurts and not even knowing why, is thoroughly underrated. And when you eventually you retire from this post, and actually sleep. Its bliss, because there is nothing you could possibly want more.

Oh yes, perhaps the most interesting symptom. Having delusions of profound intelligence, sharing your views with people who really do want to listen (really they do. N.B. heavily sarcastic tone), and just generally gibbering on like a fool. But the best thing, you don't care. It's great.

So don't sleep. It's good for you, really.

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