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Combining node-fu and furrfu, this describes a quality of reading the chatterbox most days. People complaining about XP GBH, people bragging about their node-fu, people asking what node-fu, people proposing new formulae for node-fu that are 11.2% better than the old one, people discussing nodes about the patent unfairness of the voting system.

You want a number? Node-furrfu will GIVE you a number!

INSTRUCTIONS for calculating Node-furrfu

  1. Carefully mark the entire text of your statistics nodelet, except the number for usersonline (but including the word and its trailing whitespace).
  2. IDIOT! You missed out the first letter! Go back to step 1, and do it properly this time.
  3. Feed the text to md5sum.
  4. Hit ^D (on UN*X) or ^Z (on CP/M-derived systems).
  5. The result is a hexadecimal number.
  6. If it has any non-decimal digits, subtract 1 from your XP and try again, until you have only decimal digits.
  7. Congratulations! The number is your node-furrfu.

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