If you must node a limerick, please take the time to follow a few simple guidelines, and you may continue to live in harmony with those of us who are perhaps a little... overprotective of E2. If you feel your limerick absolutely must be added to the database, far be it from me to suggest otherwise. However, I will take the liberty of offering the following suggestions:

Don't add it to an existing long list of limericks
The nodes limerick and limericks are both currently overflowing with limericks of varying quality. These limericks have only one thing in common, which is their rhyming scheme. If all contributions in the limerick form were to be added to a single node, the resulting list would be unworkably long, but even if this were feasible, it is utterly undesirable. Imagine, if you will, that all of the song lyrics on E2 were appended to a single node called song lyrics, or every daylog were moved to daylogs.

Create it as a separate node
The resulting node will be quite short, which may not please everybody, but the worthiness of your noding will be judged by the quality of the limerick. If your node attracts downvotes, this means the E2 community does not feel that the poem was really worthy of inclusion. If the limerick is particularly good, or original, it will attract positive votes, and your creation of a new node will not have been for nothing.

Name your node for the first line of the limerick
Unless they have a separate title, most limericks are identified by their opening lines, e.g. There once was a man from Nantucket, There once was a girl from Madras and so on. You may think your limerick is better identified by its theme, e.g. a limerick on Chinese labor conditions, and you may in fact be right. However, I would suggest that you deviate from the convention of using the first line as a title only if you feel the first line is misleading, or contains no useful information as to the content or theme of the poem.

Do not namespace your title
For a discussion of the hated practice of namespacing, please see Don't namespace your lyrics. In the case of limericks, this simply means using the title A Young Lady Named Wilde rather than the title Limericks: A Young Lady Named Wilde. Adding the "Limericks" appropriates that node as a limerick node, meaning that other information which could conceivably exist about "a young lady named Wilde" will have to live at a different node. This is not in the spirit of Everything.

Following the above guidelines should allow you to add limericks to E2 without attracting the righteous indignation of we noders who care for the spririt of Everything. There are very few hard and fast rules, but if you bear in mind that the spirit of E2 lies in multiple particles of information, linked together arbitrarily, organically as well as deliberately, you shouldn't have any trouble.

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