Latin for "rejected name," nomen rejiciendum refers to any name or label which has been rejected in favour of a conserved name, within scientific communities, especially among biologists, zoologists, and botanists. Saguerus, for example, was rejected, while Arenga is conserved, for a palm tree genus. Rejected names may also be listed as "suppressed" names, especially if the name has significant colloquial use.

A name may be rejected for any number of reasons; in some cases, it is easily confused with the conserved name for a completely different species, or it may be derived from a colloquial label which attributes it to the wrong family of organisms. Sometimes the rejection is of a specific spelling (orthographia rejicienda) but not of the name overall, e.g. rejected Lopho‑lejeunea versus conserved Lopholejeunea, a genus of liverworts.

Iron Noder 2016, 4/30

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