A UK ISP, part of ntl.

They provide services via both dial-up (via both ntl and BT phone lines) and ntl's cable network. Most of their services involve a fixed monthly fee (on their cable network, normally combined with the fees for other ntl services such as telephony and digital TV), however they also provide 1p-a-minute dialup, which is the currently 'normal' UK internet pricing plan.

Their services include e-mail, webspace and a web diary, as well as the ever-present portal site with news and the such.

Their policies are quite liberal compared to many other UK ISPs: they let you run servers (assuming they are securely configured), and they don't set a time limit on the amount of time you may spend online, although dialup users are disconnected - and hence forced to reconnect - every two hours.

They also provide TV-based internet via a set-top box, operating via both their dial-up and cable services.


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