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The dutch term for pancake, pannekoeks are traditionally very large (think small pizza in diameter) and served with fruit or savory breakfast foods. In north america, you'll find them at places like "the dutch pannekoek house" or "the little wooden shoe café" or "tulips 'R' us" (hey, it could happen), decorated with miniature windmills and clogs and tulip print wallpaper. Often they'll have modern versions of pannekoeks with bizarre toppings - I had perogy pannekoeks once, and my mom likes Nasi Goreng pannekoek. Pannekoek is pronounced PAN-uh-cook.

There has been an official spelling reform in The Netherlands in 1998. As a consequence, the word pannekoek is nowadays spelled 'pannenkoek' (note that extra n in the middle).
I think the fact that even basic words can change their official spelling over the years is interesting enough, so I will not submit this node for a node title edit. :-)

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