A few years ago a dispute came over the city about more parking for the Area College. The students and faculty had complained to the city for years, that there wasn't enough parking near campus.

So this is what the morons on City Council decided to do. In the downtown section of the city, (which is roughly 4-5 miles away from the campus), there was a historic hotel called the Colonial.
This hotel was the first built in the city circa 1850's, and the city's department of restoration wanted to save this valuable piece of Americana.
The city, however, decided it wouldn't be worth the money, time, or effort and bulldozed the 150 year old building down.
Construction crews raided the area and quickly erected a 30-50-car parking lot for the college.

There was already an existing parking lot, to the immediate south of campus, which could hold roughly 200-300 cars.
After the demolition of the historic hotel, the construction crew moved their efforts to this parking lot. After several months of work, they tore the whole parking lot up, transferred all the loose chunks of concrete out, bulldozed the land, and set up this 'pleasant' grassy knoll.
Apparently, there was some sort of city law that required the crew to get rid of a perfectly good parking lot to set up a pretty run off for excess water.

And this is what gets me. They destroyed the parking lot across the street, set up a new one 5 miles away with 170-250 less parking spots, and then acted like the problem had been fixed.

So through this senseless act of destroying a historic monument, to build an inferior parking lot, I wrote this poem about my discontent for the powers that be.

There's a silent clear blue picturesque scene
Drizzled with the hatred that stains it again
Urges racing throughout the brain,
Blocked out none silence,
the secret to the beginning
I found myself lying at the edge of a blue green meadow
As warm breezes and cold shoulders,
armed my forces for the winter yet to come
An instance flashes by,
as minutes slowly wash down your face
Shock lost its retail value to this cold shell

I find the water tainted for our children
and theirs before theirs
I came to the mountain looking for my peace
And left with screaming in my ears
Moments seem useless,
as time watches us slip by
Falling from the answers into my uncertainty
The precise had long dulled it
As the mind drifts and wanders away

I once found the answers;
fueled unto my common fears
I once embraced the madness,
then no one even cared
I mustn't forget the little voice that says
Clean your room, make your bed
I remember that now as the cold steel burns against my face
Hold that elevator!
if you've never seen it coming...
Now where are you again...

trapped into this sullen cage,
but all of which and that remains
Found unto this, release, and then rapture
And my purest freedom,
never bound nor escaped
Paving my way to equality,
I fell down and opened
Wide my eyes that had never seen the autumn rain
Finding my pockets, disavowed thinking

I saw a small child once,
standing in an open field
Of newly fallen snow,
with his perception misleading
Blackness draped forever more,
and the answer that had been so dear,
didn't even call you this morning
I fell unto it, and waited for near eternity
And finally, when the bells came dancing
An expression; whereas true happiness...
...I blinked...

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