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An unabashedly ersatz dessert, suitable for those situations where all you've got are condiments. In Jeeves's pseudo-Japanified house, this debacle took on a slight Japanese flair, making it a horrible mutation of French culinary skill, Japanese minimalism, and American slapdash quasi-creative shameless mimicry. Improvise.


Proceed as follows:
  1. Pour a good amount of the chocolate syrup into the bowl.
  2. Unscrew the lid on the peanut butter.
  3. Poke the chopstick into the peanut butter a half inch or so. Scoop it around a little bit to get more peanut butter on it.
  4. Dip carefully into chocolate syrup.
  5. Suck the chocolate-coated peanut butter off the end of the chopstick with great relish.
Actually, it was kind of tasty. And Having a closet full of condiments will be the death of me...

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