Perflubron (commercially known as LiquiVent®) is a liquid perfluorochemical that is colourless, odourless, immiscible with body fluids, chemically stable, and virtually biochemically inert. Several characteristics make it ideal for pulmonary physiology. It can dissolve 53mL/100cc of oxygen, and 210mL/100cc of carbon dioxide. It has a low surface tension (18dynes/cm), which reduces the lung's surface tension to a magnitude that favours and open lung; a density of 1.92g/mL, which allows it to migrate efficiently to the most dependent portion of the lung; and a moderate vapour pressure of 11torr, which allows its evaporation to be easily controlled. It not only allows for gas exchange in the lungs, it can flush out debris into the central areas of the lung, where it can be easily sucked out, and it can moderate inflammation due to injury.

LiquiVent is being evaluated in a Phase 2-3 clinical (human) study in the United States, Canada and Europe. It has also been administered outside this study to approximately 300 patients in clinical trials. It is currently being fast track reviewed by the FDA. It has been used on ALI and ARDS patients, with encouraging results.

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