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Emulation software for pinball roms. It emulates the hardware found in pinball machines from Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, and others. All you see is the score -display of the pinball machine. Keys simulate events (eg. ball lost, multiball, ...). Only for die hard pinball fans, I guess.

VpinMAME (visual pinmame) on the other hand, should appeal to a bigger audiece. It can be used with Visual Pinball.
Visual Pinball is a great free pinball simulator (still Beta software) for Windows.
VpinMAME allows you to play Visual pinball -tables using the original roms! Needless to say this is great fun!!

You need a decent pc to run most of the tables, eg. Terminator 2 is only playable on high-end PIII machines.

Another drawback: it depends on Windows Scripting, which isn't exactly a safe Windows- feature...

  • http://www.pinmame.com (pinMAME, VpinMAME)
  • http://www.randydavis.com/vp (Visual Pinball)
  • http://www.hippie.net/shivasite/vptables (Tables)

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