pit stop (n):
1 : A stop at the pits during an automobile race.
2. A stop (as during a trip) for fuel, food, or rest or for use of a rest room.
3. (1) : a place where a pit stop can be made. (2) : an establishment providing food or drink.
The term pit stop originates from all sorts of car-races. Every round a car can make a pitstop, this means they'll leave the track and choose a parallel track on which their team awaits them to fill the car with fuel, to put on new tires and to make other adjustments to the car. After this the car comes back in the race again.

Another thing refered to as 'Pit stop' started quite recently. During the 90s streetraces became quite popular, but nowadays there is a new form of racing called 'Pit stop'. One races on a highway and leaves the highway on every parking place, gasstation or anything. The goal is to catch up with other cars while they're still driving on the highway and you're driving on a parking place or anything.

No need to say this new form of street-racing is extremely dangerous. Not only for the racers themselves but also for people parked on these parking places. The game recently claimed its first lives in Germany... Some youngsters playing 'Pit stop' smashed into a truck which was parked on a parking place next to the highway.

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