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"Po'" is obviously how we Detroiters say "poor", but only in special circumstances.

For instance, you're po' when there's no grates on the fans in your house. You're po' when there's more doors in your house with punch-holes (and no doorknobs) than not. You're po' when you have to take the lightbulb from the bathroom down into the basement with you so you can do laundry. And if you've ever washed your underwear in the sink because you can't scrape up six bucks for detergent, you're po'.

If you look around more than once a day and think, "My GOD, we're ghetto!" then you're po'.

If your car runs better on fumes by now, or if you broke your lawnmower trying to compensate for your lack of a weedwacker, you're probably po'.

And lastly, when you deliberately buy cigarettes INSTEAD of food, because they're cheaper and will kill your urges to eat, you're fucking PO'.

I, in case you can't tell, am fucking po'.

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