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A "pop top" is the aluminum ring attached a strip of aluminum which is a part of the top of a beverage can. Pop tops were a huge innovation, eliminating the need for people to carry church keys. You pull the ring, which rips out the metal strip, leaving an opening through which the beverage may be ingested. Since their introduction, pop tops have been redesigned so that they do not actually detach from the can, thus eliminating the problem of pop top litter.

A pop top (sometimes called a pop tab) is a higly specialized unitasker which is located at the top of a can of pop. It is made of low grade stainless steel. The pop top itself is located at the center of the bevel of the pop can. Attached by a small aluminum stud to the actual pop can. It works via the principles of a lever. The user interface section of the pop tab (commonly known as the top) is longer then the working portion of the pop top. The fulcrum is the stud in the center. When upward force is applied to the user interface portion of the poptop the working portion forces down on a tab of metal that has been carved into the top of the can. After suffecient pressure is applied, the pop tab will give way, expending the pop tops one time use, and giving easy acess to the contents of the can.

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