This rifle is considered by many to the "The Rifleman's Rifle". This model is highly desired due to its action and trigger.

The action is what is known as a controlled feed action, this means that when loading a round from the magazine the extractor claw grabs the round and guides it into the chamber. Most rifles use a push feed action where the round is shoved into the chamber by the forward motion of the bolt. The advantage of a controlled feed action is that it is more reliable for both loading and unloading rounds into the chamber, and will function no matter how the gun is being held... always important when your upside down trying to drop a cape buffalo that is trying to kill you.

The second feature about this rifle that makes it desired is the trigger, without a doubt this rifle possess the best trigger you will ever find on a factory rifle. The trigger on this rifle is extremely crisp. Imagine breaking a glass rod, you slowly add pressure but there is no reaction or movement until it snaps cleanly.
Other final defining feature of this rifle is a 3 position safty. When the safty is all the way forward the safty if off and the gun is ready to fire. When the safty is all the way back the gun is in safty, the trigger is locked and the bolt can not be operated. In the middle position the rifle can not be fired, but the bolt can be cycled to either load or unload the rifle.

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