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When you look me in the eye,
(promise me you’ll lie)
And figure out who I really am
(promise me you’ll promise me)

When you finally decide—
(you'll lie)
—to kiss me
(promise me)

When you total up the stars
(promise me you’ll lie)
as I fall asleep beside you
(lie to the sky)

When you work up the nerve
(to lie)
to leave me
(promise me won't)

When you finally say good-bye

Wherever I go without you
(promise me you’ll lie there)
whenever I come within you
(lie lie lie)

This wickedness through which we wend
(this promise)
is simply who we are
(I promise) 

don’t bother to deny
(You’ll lie) 

(Just promise me)
You might as well always do the impossible
(promise me you will)

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