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Also known as 1,4-diamino butane. Putrescine is a chemical compound similar to cadaverine. As you can probably guess from the name, both putrescine and cadaverine smell like rotting corpses.

Putrescine Synthesis: (which is probably the bit you've been waiting for)

Putrescine is produced from the reaction of arginine decarboxylase with H+ ions and water. It's created as a byproduct of stress reactions in plants, and in small basement labs around the country for personal use.

Several quick warnings:

  • Be extremely careful working with this stuff. You get it on your hands, it will not come out until the skin wears away.
  • If you apply this stuff to anything, be sure that:
    1. It's not valuable.
    2. You can dispose of it relatively easily.

I'm really not kidding.

A friend of mine soaked a few rags in this stuff, and threw them in the back of her linear algebra teacher's car.

The car had to be scrapped.

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