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Behold, Excalibur!

  • 1 empty five gallon water jug with used lid
  • 1 large metal funnel (the bigger the better!)
  • 8 ft threaded rubber tubing
  • 4 plastic elbow joints matching tubing
  • water tight calk
  • A little bit of screen
Drill 4 equally spaced holes around the flat top part of the water bottle. Place the elbow joints in the holes and calk them in place. Tubing comes out the other ends of the joints. Don't forget to save some of the tubing for the bowl.

Cut a hole in the jug lid big enough for the funnel's tip. With the tip through the lid, calk it in place with the extra piece of tubing (only long enough to reach the jug's bottom. It will be fully immersed in the water when we put it in. The lid should snap on securely to its original position. If not, you've got your calk.

Make sure the sucker is air tight, fill with about 2.5 gallons of water, drop a piece of screen into your super bowl. You've got the ultimate four player party bong!

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