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A term occasionally used by motorcyclists to imply that anyone who rides in a way they don't approve of is somehow less entitled to be a part of biker culture. Often used opposite the terms rich urban biker or weekend warrior.

Real real bikers realize that they almost certainly don't know enough about someone else's relationship with their motorcycle to make that judgement call.

Like any other sub-culture, motorcyclists are diverse. This is a good thing. I know a Rich Urban Biker whose excessive consulting salary hasn't somehow interefered with his ability to scrape the head pucks on his BMW 1150 GS; a broke rat-biker who didn't ride for months as he slowly hand-restored his broken vintage Harley panhead; a woman who only rides on weekends except for the 4000 mile Pony Express ride to raise money for breast cancer research she went on; a woman who rides her mile commute to work most days, working up the skills to ride more often and in heavier traffic; and a woman -- me -- who hasn't ridden much at all this summer because her bike's doing poorly and she's dreaming of (and saving up for) a new Triumph Tiger.

Which of these are "real bikers"? duh, all of them.

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